Union Meat Company, LLC

Located in Historic Eastern Market

Serving Capitol Hill since 1946

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We specialize in Prime and Choice Black Angus Beef ~ Corn Fed and Aged to Perfection

We carry a full line of steaks

Delmonico ~ Bone-In Rib Eye ~ New York Strip ~ T-Bone ~ Porterhouse ~ Sirloin ~ Tenderloin/Fillet ~ Flat Iron ~ Hanger ~ Teres Major ~ Flank

 Our Signature Item is our Aged, Prime Rib Roast

 We offer a variety of ground beef (sirloin, chuck, ground beef, grass fed, butchers blend burger mix and a meat loaf mix) that it is ground on the premisis throughout the day, providing you with the freshest ground product possible.

Specialty Items include: Tongue ~ Feet ~ Heart ~ Liver ~ Kidneys ~ Cheeks ~ Honeycomb Tripe

We also carry Locally Raised Prime Beef. Ask your butcher for availability.




We bring in whole, fresh, locally raised American lambs, expertly butchered into all the cuts.

Boneless Legs ~ Semi-Boneless Legs ~ Frenched Racks ~ Crown Lamb Roasts ~ Rib Chops ~ Loin Chops Round Bone Chops ~ Shoulder Chops ~ Shanks ~ Stew ~ Ground Lamb ~ Whole Lambs for the BBQ ~ Italian Lamb Sausage

Specialty Items include: Tongue ~ Fries ~ Heart ~ Liver ~ Kidneys ~ Breast




If it's part of the pig - we sell it.

Smithfield Ham ~ Country Ham ~ Smoked Ham ~ Fresh Ham ~  Spare Ribs ~ Baby Back Ribs ~ Frenched Pork Loin ~ Crown Pork Roast ~ Boneless Pork Loin Roast ~ Pepper Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin ~ Center Cut Pork Chops ~ Stuffing Pork Chops ~ Rib Chops ~ Quick Fry Pork Chops ~ End Chops ~ Seasoning Meats ~ Country Bacon ~ Pepper Bacon ~ Naturally Wood Smoked Bacon ~ Home Made Hot and Mild Sausage ~ Chitterlings ~ Feet ~ Tails ~ Ears ~ Stomachs ~ Heads ~

If your having a party - Why not order a whole pig for the barbecue (12 lbs. sucklings to 150 lbs. pigs).  

Specialty Items include: Brains ~ Liver ~ Fries ~ Heads ~ Sausage Casings ~ Fresh Bellies ~ Tails ~ Ears ~ Honeycomb ~ Chitterlings ~ Maws ~ Feet

Do not forget to try our famous, homemade Country Sausages (Mild, Hot, Country Bacon Sausage & Country Ham Sausage).  We also have a homemade bratwurst.  We grind our own sausage throughout the day using only the finest cuts and seasonings.  If pork is not your thing, we also make an Italian Lamb and an Italian Veal Sausage.




(the other, other white meat)

For the gourmet in you, we offer only the finest veal.

Veal Scallops cut fresh and pounded thin ~ Osso Bucco ~ Loin Veal Chops ~ Rib Veal Chops ~ Shoulder Veal Chops ~ Veal Shoulder Roast ~ Veal Rump Roast ~ Breast of Veal ~ Stew ~ Ground Veal ~ Riblets ~ Italian Veal Sausage

Specialty Items include: Tongue ~ Brains ~ Liver ~ Sweet Breads ~ Kidneys ~ Cheeks ~ Italian Patties


 BISON (American Buffalo)

A perfect fit for today's environment and health conscious consumer.

Rib Eye ~ New York Strips ~ Tenderloins ~ Flat Irons ~ Hanger Steaks ~ Teres Major ~ Chuck Roasts ~ Stew ~ Ground Bison


 We also have a deli with hot dogs, half smokes, knockwurst, kielbasa, cold-cuts, cheeses and our famous Black Angus Prime Roast Beef (butchered, trimmed, seasoned and home cooked with no preservatives). 

While you are waiting, try one of our gourmet hot dogs/sausages from our grill.

Since we are a full service, traditional butcher shop, we also carry bones (veal, beef, lamb, pork) for stock, soups, and man's best friend.

 This is not a complete listing of our products, if you have any special requests or questions, please feel free to stop by or call us.  We can "cut to order" if you have a special request.